Research Projects

In my research projects , we are exploiting complementary advantages of a combination of different experimental and theoretical approaches, including in vivo and in vitro intracellular recording from cells and cell pairs; in vivo and in vitro optical imaging of intrinsic signals and with fluorescent dyes; elaborated data analysis; computer simulations. 

In recent research projects we are addressing following questions.
– What is the role of heterosynaptic plasticity in achieving stable yet adaptable memory storage? 
– How sensory inputs are integrated and processed by cortical neurons? 
– How cortical neurons encode synaptic input in their output – sequences of action potentials?
– What is the origin and cellular mechanisms of slow sleep oscillation, how does the brain state influence neuronal properties and sensory processing? 

On these projects, we have an ongoing or developing collaboration with the groups of 
Maxim Bazhenov, San Diego 
Pavel Balaban, Moscow 
Fred Wolf, Goettingen 
Ulf Eysel, Bochum 
Klaus Obermayer, Berlin 
Michael Gutnick, Rehovot 
Igor Timofeev, Quebec 
Harvey Swadlow, Storrs 
Heather Read, Storrs 
Ian Stevenson, Storrs