Syllabus (Spring 2014)

Behavioral Neuroscience Research Seminar, PSYC 5200 

 Thursday, 16:00-18:00, BOUS 109/160 

Syllabus    (link to pdf file is after the text)

Summary:     BNS seminar is designed for graduate and undergraduate students who are doing research in one of BNS, PNB, or other labs. It is aimed at development of skills to make presentations of experimental results or research projects, answer questions, and participate actively in discussing presented data. Every student signed for the seminar must give one talk per semester. Also, each semester we have some invited presentations. 

– mandatory for signed students 
– student-speakers: please make sure your advisor and members of your lab are attending your presentation 
– BNS faculty: please do try to attend the seminars! 
– Everyone else is certainly welcome! 

1. To teach 1-2Y grad students make presentations/ask questions/discuss, etc. 
– seminar is mandatory for all BNS grad students during their first two years (4 semesters, signed/credited) 
– honor students may sign/get credits too 
– more senior students may sigh in/get credits too (see below) 
– every signed student gives 1 talk per semester and writes an abstract (required) 
– credit: pass/not pass, attendance dependent (mostly) 

2. To keep training more senior students 
– each student after the 2nd year should give 1 talk per year, master / PhD defense or other Campus-wide talk count, may also sign in (optional) 
 (August 2013 – this did not work so far…) 
– each student after 4th year should invite an external speaker 
 (August 2013 – this did not work so far…) 

3. To keep BNS faculty and students informed what goes on in neighboring labs 
Welcome are: 
– talks from senior students 
– every year, a talk from BNS faculty (tenure or other talks at UConn count)
– would be good to have kind of “What goes on in the labs, 1-2 slides per lab” 
– would be good to have some talks from non-student lab members; 
Say, when an especially interesting paper from the lab is published… 

4. To have some interesting invited talks
– your suggestions/invitations of speakers are welcome! 
— Please coordinate with me and cc me ( on the invitation email 
— involve students in invitation of external speakers (see above) 
Invited talks will be announced in advance, broader than regular student seminar.