Sensation & Perception – PSYC-3501

Sensation & Perception     PSYC-3501 


Syllabus – summary     … see Topics and Reading for more details 

How does the brain acquire information from the environment and process it to form perceptions? 
How perception is determined by and based on activity of receptors and neurons? 
This class gives an introduction to scientific approach to study perception and recognition of visual, auditory and mechanical stimuli. 
Topics covered in the class include physiologic, anatomic and behavioral basis of vision, hearing and touch; neural mechanisms used in representing and processing sensory information in the brain; and sensory plasticity. 

Format:     2 lectures per week (Tuesday, Thursday) 

Requirements:     Helps to have had Psych 2200 “Physiologic Psychology” 

4 exams with multiple-choice questions, 3 during semester and cumulative final. 
5 min quizzes every week. 

1. (main, required) W: Wolfe JM et al, Sensation & Perception 
Edition 4 or any earlier 
Sinauer Associates, Inc. (see also… ) 

2. (required) PDFs of lectures (posted online after each lecture) 

3. (supplementary) G: Goldstein EB. Sensation & Perception. 
any edition since 7th, 2007
Wadsworth ( see also )

PS: You may also use other editions (more recent or older) of these textbooks, 
but as of now, the syllabus PSY3501_TopicsReading refers to pages from 
the Goldstein 7th, 8th and 9th; and Wolfe 1st and 4th editions.