Selected publications: Synaptic plasticity

Recent reviews: 

    • Homeostatic role of heterosynaptic plasticity: Models and experiments. 
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      doi: 10.1007/s00221-009-1859-5


My favorite: 

    • Adenosine shifts plasticity regimes between associative and homeostatic by modulating heterosynaptic changes. 
      Bannon NM, Chistiakova M, Chen JY, Bazhenov M, Volgushev M. 
      The Journal of Neuroscience 2016 pii: 2984-16. 
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    • Partial Breakdown of Input Specificity of STDP at Individual Synapses Promotes New Learning. 
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    • Retrograde signalling with nitric oxide at neocortical synapses. 
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    • Heterosynaptic plasticity induced by intracellular tetanization in layer 2/3 pyramidal neurons in rat auditory cortex. 
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    • Relations between long-term synaptic modifications and paired-pulse interactions in the rat neocortex. 
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  • Heterosynaptic Plasticity: Multiple Mechanisms and Multiple Roles. 
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