Selected publications: Synaptic transmission

My favorite: 

    • Adenosine effects on inhibitory synaptic transmission and excitation-inhibition balance in the rat neocortex. 
      Zhang P, Bannon NM, Ilin V, Volgushev M, Chistiakova M 
      Journal of Physiology 2015 593:825-841 
      doi: 10.1113/jphysiol.2014.279901 
    • All-or-none excitatory postsynaptic potentials in the rat visual cortex. 
      Volgushev M, Voronin LL, Chistiakova M, Artola A, Singer W. 
      European Journal of Neuroscience 1995, 7:1751-1760


  • Modulation of synaptic transmission by adenosine in layer 2/3 of the rat visual cortex in vitro. 
    Bannon NM, Zhang P, Ilin V, Chistiakova M, Volgushev M. 
    Neuroscience 2014, 260:171-84. 
    doi: 10.1016/j.neuroscience.2013.12.018 
  • Adaptation at synaptic connections to layer 2/3 pyramidal cells in rat visual cortex. 
    Beck O, Chistiakova M, Obermayer K, Volgushev M. 
    J. Neurophysiol 2005 94:363-376
  • Probability of transmitter release at neocortical synapses at different temperatures. 
    Volgushev M, Kudryashov I, Chistiakova M, Mukovski M, Niesmann J, Eysel UT. 
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  • Synaptic transmission in the neocortex during reversible cooling. 
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  • Membrane properties and spike generation in rat visual cortical cells during reversible cooling. 
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  • Evidence for an ephaptic feedback in cortical synapses: postsynaptic hyperpolarization alters the number of response failures and quantal content. 
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